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When did we become so small and so apologetic? Why do we apologize for our humanity? Love what you love, and make no apologies. This is your identity. The most horrendous suspensions of freedom are self-imposed. We imprison ourselves daily, hourly.

We have one life, one shot at all the glorious things of life, and we walk about constricted, apologetic, afraid. We have so little time; we have so little space upon which to spread our love and our talents and our kindness. Run toward life fulsomely and freely.

It runs from us so quickly, like a frightened dog or youth or daylight. Chase it and care for it.

Of course art should be about something big. Something terribly big must be at stake. I don’t see this anymore. Our art is becoming terribly polite and apologetic, much like us. It slinks away like a sagging breast, empty of milk or promise or comfort.

We need to get very fervent again. We need to get jacked up.

Tennessee Williams (via sacredfemininegypsyheart)

It is a sad thing that so few give the full measure of their lives to Truth. Most only go so far, and then settle for less than a total surrender of all separation. In the end we all get what we value most, and if we don’t like what we have gotten, we had better take an honest look at what we are valuing.

Adyashanti (via oceanandwave)

I swear to you
there are divine things
more beautiful
than words can tell.

Walt Whitman (via songsabouttheunspeakable)


Like The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, which was originally written in 1900. 


Like The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, which was originally written in 1900. 

People discuss my art and pretend to understand as if it were necessary to understand, when it’s simply necessary to love.

Claude Monet  (via theburnthatkeepseverything)

He who angers you, controls you.

Imam Ali (via stardust-seedling)