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I’m what you call the opposite of a procrastinator.  I guess that would be a precrastinator, if there’s even a word for it?  Once I know I need to do something, I have to do it immediately or it drives me crazy.  One of the things I most despise doing is cleaning floors.  This afternoon and evening I’m going to be really busy with a bunch of family stuff, so I knew I would need to wash my floors in the morning, as soon as possible.  So I got up, picked up my broom, pail, mop and other cleaning supplies and was ready to get to work.  I then looked over and saw my cats lying on my daughter’s bed, blinking sleepily at me.  I walked over and pet them and rubbed their stomachs for awhile after they helpfully rolled over onto their backs for me.  A few minutes later, I got up, grabbed my broom and started sweeping.  I looked back at my cats and thought, hmmm I guess the cleaning could wait.  I dropped the broom, squeezed in between them and spent the next half hour petting them while they purred and swished their tails back and forth.  They were pretty proud of me, I finally got my priorities straight.