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Email Never Sent

Dear You Know Who You Are:

On second thought you don’t.

You are drowning in illusion


I wish I could tear down

whatever it is that,

you have spent decades

building up around you,

so then maybe I could reach

the Wise One,

who is in there


who knows what’s a lie

and what is true…

Maybe then you’d begin to trust me,

stop underestimating me,

you really think I can’t see

what you two have laid out right in front of me?

Maybe then one day you would stop

giving away your power and your dignity…

For someone so educated, so well-bred,


and cool,

you’ve been reduced to a fool…

I know it all began

with a very weak man,

a flirt and a mama’s boy,

and then he left you,

but you showed him,

you bought a brand new toy…

This one’ll never get his hands dirty,

a leech,

he is using you…

He will suck the marrow out of you

before he is through…

Yes, love can be blind but it’s gotta be deaf as well,

because you’re not even able to tell,

that you are throwing everything away,

for someone who at the end of the day.

honey, will NOT stay…

Your pride will kill you in the end…

You are self-destructing

my friend,

and it’s painful to watch

and so I won’t,

but I can’t, and so I don’t

hit send…


I Am Woman

What is it exactly

that makes one

a woman

instead of a man

besides obviously

their anatomy

can you help me



I see many women shopping

and really enjoying it

This puzzles me

because if I could

I’d hire a personal shopper

in a minute

I really would


I’ve seen women as they greet

oohing and ahhing

over each other’s shoes

when they run into each other

on the street

and I don’t think

I’ve ever recalled

ever being enthralled

by anything anyone ever wore

on their feet


Why at parties do men get

to comfortably sit

and enjoy their food

and not be considered rude

while the women

buzz around like worker bees

making sure

everybody has what they need


Am I missing the gene

which would provoke me to clean

all the dirty dishes

and the colossal mess left

where I am begrudgingly a guest


Why do the men get to

lie back and smoke cigars

and play cards

while the women have to

run around like mad and work

going berserk

trying to get

the table cleared

for dessert


I like cigars

and I like

to play cards

It makes me

feel so alive

I’ve beaten men

twice my age

and twice my size

It’s so funny

because they don’t


that I’ve been playing poker

since I was five


So I rebel, I do not retreat

into the stifling prison

that is the kitchen

But I play I laugh I have fun

There were many games I even won


I do not regret my mutiny

I do not care

if the women stare

and whisper

about me disparagingly


So when we’re invited for dinner

I quickly disappear

and sit with the men

Their conversations are much

more fascinating

I like to listen to the arguing

over politics the joking

and the bantering


Sometimes I happen to overhear

the women enthusiastically discussing

a sale at some expensive store

and I thank the Lord Almighty

that I’m not imprisoned any more


Other times I wonder

am I missing the gene

that makes a woman need

to interrogate

and investigate

another woman’s weight


Men don’t go on and on about their diets

or their bodies for that matter

For the most part they don’t participate

in superficial chitter-chatter


And why do men talk about sex

but unless I’m a character on TV

like Samantha, Miranda

or even Carrie

it would be considered

very poor taste

for me

to speak so


in mixed company


But if you want to know a secret

I can pass for one and

occasionally I do

I sit and join them

while I chew

the remnants

of my stew

that I didn’t get to

finish at the table

because there’s just

so much

work to


And I ask the one

next to me

where she got her dress

while she’s in the middle of

cleaning up a mess

She looks up at me

smiling pleasantly

This line of inquiry never fails

She is so very excited to tell me

and then asks about my nails

We discuss colors and skin tone

when someone interrupts

and reveals to us

her brand new IPhone

I remember to make the noises

that women typically do

when they are shown something

so costly and new

and nobody’s the wiser

except for me and you