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One of my many photos from my mini vacation last weekend in Sedona…


I’ve decided to revisit Sedona at the end of July, I can’t wait, I am so excited!  This time I’m going to really scope everything out and take notes.  I really think I do want to retire there someday.

This is the only place besides Vegas (and that was just to gamble again) that I have purposely visited more than once on vacation. I like going to places that I’ve never gone to before. I’ve visited specific states more than once but each time it’s been to a different city.  However, there’s something just so magical about Sedona that I’ve decided to make an exception.



My friend gave me a disk last night with some photos of our trip to Sedona.  She had some beautiful close-ups of various things…


I’ve heard rumors of you for years

It seemed as if everyone was


singing your praises

Your natural beauty, power,



My teachers,

they all have lived with you

and I

have always wanted to meet

and appreciate

your red rock canyons

and penetrate

the mysteries within you


It was through

the back seat car window

I first was introduced to you

and I knew

that the image of you

would never fade away


When I was young

I did not have the opportunity to

commune with nature

So once I was older

whenever I could

I visited your sister

the water


I immersed myself in her

breathed in the intoxicating

salt-water air

Cool ocean breeze skipping lightly on my skin

I didn’t know

the desert

could possibly compare



have you been all my life Sedona?

Broke down crying uncontrollably

as if you were a soul mate

with whom I parted company

but who then decided finally

to come back to me


Or maybe…

I left you once a long long time ago

and now centuries have passed

and I’ve come back home


Once I wondered

why so many came

and overstayed their visit

but now I ask

how could they not?

Clothed in red-orange

arrayed in peach colored hues

and dark green foliage

your early morning March wind

breathes through my hair lovingly

Fingering my seven chakra quartz crystal necklace

having heard all which are tangled in your vortexes

are supposed to be



but I did not plan on being

so stupefied






and Gratitude

These are the good-bye gifts you have bestowed upon me

I will be back Sedona

you will see

So, as I will never forget you

please don’t forget me…..