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"How can you have a War on Terrorism, when War itself  is Terrorism?"  Howard Zinn

Merry Christmas!

I remember teaching a Bible class years ago and I had told everyone that December 25th was not Jesus’ real birthday, but a day that was assigned to celebrate his birth, in order to coincide with a couple of Pagan festivals.  Nobody really knows exactly when his birthday was, but most scholars believe based on astronomy and other information, that it was late March-early April, and that it was definitely in the Spring.  Now I just read a study claiming that it was May 29th, which would make Jesus a Gemini.  This, I find extremely plausible due to the fact that Geminis are known for their overwhelming compassion, intelligence, communication skills, their “Godliness”, and of course, their humility.  But I digress… anyway, some of the people there already knew this, some didn’t but didn’t care, while others looked visibly upset. 

The reason I bring this up, is because recently I heard a sermon where two warring  countries decided that on some “Special Occasion” they would set down their weapons and agree not to fight for that day.  I also remember, I think a MASH episode where on Christmas there was a cease-fire called.  I recalled thinking, if people can agree not to fight or kill each other for one day, why couldn’t they do this for two days, or three, or perhaps a week, a month, a year or maybe even FOREVER???  It also makes you stop and really see the futility of war.  If two sides can seriously agree not to fight during a special religious occasion, then that must mean their reasons for fighting in the first place are not that strong.  It reminds me of the time when I was about to obtain my Reiki I certificate, I was supposed to avoid red meat, caffeine and smoking for a week prior.  I remember telling my mom, and she said, “Well, if you are going to quit smoking for a week, why not just stop altogether?”  I thought she made a good point, and so I did.

Now getting back to Jesus’ birthday, if we can be extremely nice to each other and generous and loving this one day out of the year, what prevents us from doing it two days, or a week, or a month, a year, or maybe even FOREVER???  Now, I don’t mean buying a ton of gifts and stressing out like a lot of us do on Christmas, but to  remember Jesus and how we can aspire to think, feel and behave more like Christ.  If we did this every day, then would anyone really care when his birthday is?